“For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit” -Romans 8:5

So I decided to participate in a challenge that was issued by a fellow bible journaler on Instagram. She challenged her followers to read Romans 8 everyday for one week….7 days…7 times. She promised that God would reveal amazing truths to those who accepted this challenge and that He would draw closer to us as we meditated on the passage….so I took the challenge.

Now, it is a passage that I have read many times over the years, but there is something about reading the same words everyday, day after day. Things begin to stand out and familiar words and phrases begin to take on a new meaning and new life. I began to focus on verses 9-17, particularly the word “if”. I circled it every time I saw it and each day as I read, I began to wonder, “IF I truly live by the Spirit, what should my life look like?” While reflecting and mediating on this question, the answer became clearer.

If I live by the Spirit then…

  1. I am controlled by the Spirit. I must relinquish all control and choose to allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead.
  2. MY spirit is alive. My spirit is actively working to draw me closer to the Lord.
  3. My spirit will empower my body. Though it is a constant battle, if I allow it, my spirit can be the driving force of my life,  and my “flesh” (thoughts, actions, words, deeds) will be filtered through the Holy Spirit
  4. I will live. No situation will have the power to conquer me.
  5. I am Him child and heir. I am God’s daughter so every promise of God is extended to me.
  6. My flesh will die because there is nothing to sustain it. Without food, my flesh will die more and more each day and I will find myself loosing a desire to sin.

For me, that was a lot to take in. I had to examine my life and begin to think about how much control I give to the Holy Spirit. I had to really think about the amount of access He has so He can begin to do the challenging, and sometimes painful, work of transforming me into a Spirit controlled wife, mother, and woman. Though it is a constant battle and struggle to do what is right, He is with me patiently waiting for me to yield so He can do His work.


Help me to let go. Teach me how to trust enough with my life to allow you to do the work needed to make new. Remind me of the amazing promises that you have you me as I yield my life to you. Show me how to rest in the safety of your goodness, forgiveness and love.