This weekend marks a critical time in the lives of believers around the world. Easter weekend is when, as the body of Christ, we stop and reflect upon the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As parents, we have a responsibility to pass down this heritage of faith our children, and ensure that they know the true meaning of the cross. In our family, we share the true meaning of this resurrection weekend with our girls and each year, as they grown and mature, we delve a little deeper into the details that shape and define our faith.

A few years ago, I began searching for a resource, a tangible tool, that I could use to communicate the story of the cross to my girls. After surfing the net, I came across the idea of Resurrection Eggs. Basically, 12 plastic eggs are filled with specific items that, when shared in order, work together to tell the story of the crucifixion.

IMG_5328  IMG_5330

You can click HERE for a detailed description how to create a set of your own.

The item included are :

EGG #1
Cotton Ball dipped in perfume.
This item represents Mary washing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume.
John 12:3
EGG #2
This item represents the betrayal money paid to Judas.
Matthew 26:14
Purple cloth
This item represents the robe put on Jesus to mock him for being King of the Jews.
Matthew 27:28
EGG #4
Thorns (You can break them off of a rose stem)
This item represents the crown of thorns put on Jesus head.
John 19:2
A strap. (A tiny piece of rope or narrow piece of leather)
This item represents the strap used to whip Jesus.
Mark 15:15
EGG #6
A cross (Use a cheap cross charm or make a tiny cross with 2 sticks and tie or glue them together)
This item represents what Jesus carried and later died upon.
John 19:17
EGG #7
This item represents Jesus being nailed to the cross.
John 19:18,37
This item represents the gambling that took place to decide who would get Jesus’ clothes.
John 19:24
EGG #9
This item represents the water that was given to Jesus to drink.
Matthew 27:34
EGG #10
Spear (or tooth pick)
This item represents the spear that the soldiers used to pierce Jesus’ side.
John 19:33-34
EGG #11
This item represents the rock that was placed in front of Jeus’ tomb and rolled away by an angel.
Matthew 28:2
EGG #12
The emptiness represents Jesus being gone from the tomb! The resurrection.
Matthew 28:5-6

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My girls really enjoy hunting for the eggs and then listening to the story of Jesus’ triumph over death, hell, and the grave. These 12 eggs are a powerful tool and an amazing way for families to spend time together, reflecting and growing in faith.