“And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.” -Matthew 14:32

We are usually taught that this passage teaches us to have the courage to “get out of the boat”. Today, I challenge you to see this scripture from a different perspective.

Maybe the boat IS the safe place, when Jesus is there. Inside, I am relatively shielded from harm…unless there is a storm. When my life hits turbulent waters, the safety offered by the boat becomes insufficient to protect me. The boat can capsize. The power of the wind can destroy the sails and force my ship (my life) off course.

Just like Peter, I have to leave my comfort zone and go to Jesus. He alone can provide that true and reliable safety that has the power to not only give me peace, but also calm all around me. The challenge is leaving the safety of the ship, in the midst of my mess, to find Him. But he is there…waiting to greet me. And if I should fall, He will rescue me by taking me hand; a posture which requires me to re-focus and concentrate on Him…to look at HIM. Once I find Him, we will walk hand in hand, back to the boat where I will be safe with Him because the boat is only safe when Jesus is inside.