“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,
    and his greatness is unsearchable.” – Psalm 145:3

Nothing even comes close to the majesty of our God…nothing. He is indescribable and uncontainable. His love for us can not be compared to any love that we have experienced here on earth. His love is endless and perfect. When I reflect on His majesty and greatness, I am in awe and I am humbled. But then I begin to realize that I can not just stand in awe of Him, my response to His love and grace must be service. I must find ways to show this love to others. To truly honour each breath that He has given me, I must exhale His goodness into the world. I must seek out ways to bless others, even if it requires me to be a little inconvenienced. My response must be action…service. I must allow His light to shine and touch everyone who comes into contact with me. That is how we are Christ in the earth. We must be his hands and feet. We seek to help, build, and support. We must be problem solvers. We must strive for unity, love, and peace. We must let our lives be a reflection of His majesty and greatness.