“Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something at the wheel. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make.”– Jeremiah 18:3-4

There are some days that I am extra grateful for God’s grace. In those moments when I feel weak, tired, and far from Him; He still pursues me. His love for me has the power to take the broken pieces of my life and turn them into something beautiful. Even when I stray and try to hide from Him (like I can hide from God!), He is still there, fighting for me and patiently waiting for me to come back home.


    Help me to never forget how much you love me. When I feel too ashamed to approach your throne, remind me that you are the potter who can masterfully take the broken pieces of my life and create something beautiful. Be patient with me, Lord. I am prone to mistakes and  I am fragile. So when I become overwhelmed, remove me from my situation and rebuild me.